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Research Division - Objectives


Objective 1
Pursue alternative forms of financial support through collaborative training partnerships with health related business and industry which support the purpose of the college. (Measures:
Objective 2
Operate all externally-funded grant programs in compliance with the requirements of the grant. (Measures:
Operational Objective 3 Meet all performance and reporting criteria to ensure continued funding of existing grants. (Measures: Departmental)
Operational Objective 4 Evaluate all grant programs regularly to ensure they meet the pur­pose, goals and objectives of the college. (Measures: Departmental)
Operational Objective 5 Continue to develop and implement a process for managing the application, approval and administration of grant programs and projects. (Measures: Departmental)
Operational Objective 6 Promote research and give weightage for scholarly productivity in the form of peer-reviewed publications and presentations while considering for promotion or renewal of contract (Measures: Employee Survey)
Colleges and Academic Programs