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Workshops / Seminars - Medical Education Unit

The Medical Education Unit conducts regular workshops and seminars for faculty development. Some of the topics and subject areas in which programs conducted are mentioned below:

Curriculum Planning

Integrated medical curriculum.

Learning Objectives and Lesson Planning

Learning objectives, Preparing lesson plans, Concepts of education, Education planning Clinical assessment, Intellectual Property Rights & Plagiarism Detection software, Use of Moodle software.

Teaching Methods and Teaching Skills

Lecturing methods, Lecturing skills, Questioning Skills, Microteaching, Small Group teaching, Ward-based teaching, Teaching in the ambulatory care setting, Teaching procedural skills.

Learning Aids

Design of display materials, PowerPoint in instruction, Instructional techniques – Beyond the basics of PowerPoint.

Student Assessment

Concepts of evaluation, Planning student assessment, Assessment of clinical skills, Developing rubrics of assessment, Multiple Choice Questions, Extended Matching Questions, Structured Essay questions, Integrated questions, Integrated OSCE stations.
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