Master in Toxicology (MTox) - Gulf Medical University

Master in Toxicology (MTox)

The Masters / Diploma Program in Toxicology, offered by the GMU, is designed to provide the candidates with a good foundation of knowledge and skills in all aspects of Toxicology in order to prepare competent professionals and researchers, capable and dedicated, who will effectively contribute to the advancement of health care system in the UAE.

Level I Objectives (Diploma and Master’s) By the end of the program, graduate students should be able to:

Knowledge: Describe the vital processes to which the major classes of chemical agents are subjected within the body and the general principles by which they induce their toxicity. Explain the cellular and molecular mechanisms occurring in organ systems and whole body when affected by these chemical classes. Use their knowledge of cellular mechanisms to predict and design therapeutic management of acute intoxications. Demonstrate awareness of the concepts of environmental toxicology and risk assessment Find sources of information describing chemicals clinicallyencountered and analyze such information. Demonstrate awareness of the rules and regulations that protect public and personal health and ensure safety Integrate knowledge and develop critical thinking skills as they solve toxicology related problems.

Show awareness of the different research methods and ethics involved in biomedical research. Skills: Perform techniques for detecting, assessing and predicting effects of toxins. Demonstrate GLP abilities.

Attitude: Show awareness of the importance of toxicology to industry, health, environment and society.

Level II Objectives for MS Program only.

Collate, interpret and communicate toxicological information. Follow best evidence based-practice in biomedical research Conduct a research project in a chosen specialized field of toxicology.

All applicants shall meet all criteria for graduate admission as laid down in the Standards (2007) published by the Commission for Academic Accreditation, Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research, UAE.

The following are the minimum requirements for admission into the Toxicology program in GMU. The candidate must show capability to pursue an academic career and research. Minimum requirements include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in medicine, pharmacy or veterinary sciences or good honors science degrees in subjects with a strong biochemical or chemical content, from a University/Institute listed in WHO directory of medical schools. Students, who have not studied Health Sciences, will be required to take additional courses (non credit) like Histology (HIS 101), Principles of Human Anatomy & Physiology – I & II (PS 131 & PS 133) before/during the course.
  • Distinct undergraduate performance of GPA of 3 on a 4-point scale, or equivalent grade (“B”).
  • English language proficiency test score of 550 and 6.5 for IELTS.
  • B grade or equivalent in the relevant subjects such as Biochimestry, Pharmacology, physiology etc.

Toxicology graduates are required to cover the shortage of such specialists in establishments concerned with public health, environment, addiction control, laboratory work and pharmaceutical products. Concrete employment opportunities are available to the graduates in the following agencies and institutions:

  • Ministry of Environment & Water
  • Drug Enforcement Section & Special Rehabilitation Centres
  • Food & Agriculture Product Testing Laboratories
  • Municipalities
  • Engineering Materials Laboratory Section
  • Consumer Product Laboratory Section
  • Food & Environment Laboratory Section
  • Meteorology Section
  • Inspection & Certification Section
  • Research and Standardization Management Office
  • General Department of Forensic Science and Criminology
  • Clinical Pathology Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical Companies

The Diploma program is 12 months in duration where the students take up only the seven core courses without undertaking a research project. The course work counts for 24 credit hours of theoretical and practical work.

Masters in Toxicology (39 Credit Hours)

First Semester
Course 1Pharmacokinetics (TX201, 2 CH)
Course 2Organ and system Toxicology (TX202, 3 CH)
Course 3Research Methods & Ethics (CM 303)
Course 4Bio-statistics (CM 302)
Rotation in different Laboratories (2 CH)
Second Semester
Course 5Environmental toxicology (TX203, 3CH)
Course 6Recognition and detection of acute and chronic toxicity (TX204, 4 CH)
Course 7Molecular and cellular mechanisms of toxicity (TX205, 4 CH)
Rotation in different Laboratories (2 CH)
Third Semester
Course 8Pharmacological and clinical aspects of toxicology (TX301, 4 CH)
Course 9Carcinogenesis (TX302, 3CH)
Course 10Modern techniques in toxicology (TX303, 2CH)
    Submission of the research proposal and conducting preliminary studies for the Research Project
Fourth Semester
    Completion of the Research Project and submission of the Thesis (3 CH)
Pharmacological & Clinical Aspects of Toxicology (TX301)
Carcinogenesis, (TX302)
Modern techniques in toxicology (TX303)
Total 39 Hours