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Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences (BBMS)

Bachelor of Biomedical Science program is a 4-year / 8-semester / 128-credit program offered by College of Medicine, GMU.

The goal of the program of studies leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences has been developed to enable the graduates to integrate a broad generic base of knowledge and skills in fields affiliated to medical sciences and acquire competencies at an in-depth level in an area of choice. The program will also emphasize and equip the graduate with the skills needed for life-long learning, effective team work and scientific enquiry.

The program comprises of general education and core biomedical science courses with all courses being mandatory. Students are required to submit a research project as part of program requirement. During the last semester, the student is rotated to various laboratories and / or medical diagnostics industry to gain on the job experience under the close supervision of his/her supervisors which serves to provide opportunities to attain appropriate higher level skills before they enter independent practice as laboratory and/or research personnel.

At the end of the program the graduates will be able to enter a career that is service-oriented in the laboratory sciences or medical diagnostics industry or in an academic field in the Basic Sciences. An additional path that will be open to the graduate is embarking on an intensive course of studies in a field such as Laboratory Medicine, Clinical Chemistry, Toxicology or Molecular Biology, Public Health etc. leading initially to a Master degree.

  •  The applicant must have completed a minimum of 12 years of school education.
  •  All applicants must complete 17 years of age on or before the 31st December in the year of admission.
  •  The applicant must have proficiency in spoken and written English. The applicant must have passed the English language proficiency test. A minimum score of 500 TOEFL (CBT 180, iBT 64), IELTS Academic 5.0, PTE A (36-44), Cambridge ESOL (41) or any other standardized internationally recognized test approved by the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA), Ministry of Education – Higher Education Affairs, UAE.
  •  The applicants from UAE educational system must have secured an overall average of 70% or above marks as per UAE Secondary School Education Standards and should have scored an aggregate score of 60% or above in Biology, Chemistry, Physics / Mathematics in the 12th Grade.
  •  Applicants from non-UAE educational systems must have secured a minimum aggregate score equivalent to UAE 70% or above and minimum marks in the Science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) as listed below:
    CountryEducation SystemMinimum Grade requirements as per UAE Grade Equivalence for BBMS/BPT/ BHS  program
    UAEUAEStudent should secure an overall minimum score of 70% (C Grade)and above in the 12th Grade.

    ·Completed all 3 Science subjects ( Biology, Chemistry, Physics in 10th, 11th, 12th Grades)

    ·An aggregate score of 60% or above in Biology, Chemistry, Physics / Mathematics in the 12th Grade.


    Indian State Board



    Student should secure an overall minimum score of 60% (B Grade)and above in the 12th Grade.

    ·An aggregate score of 55% or above in Biology, Chemistry, Physics / Mathematics in the 12th Grade.


    Indian Central Board/ICSE

    Student should secure an overall minimum score of 55% (B Grade)and above in the 12th Grade.

    ·An aggregate score of 50% or above in Biology, Chemistry, Physics / Mathematics in the 12th Grade.



    Pakistan Board

    Bangladeshi Board

    Student should secure an overall minimum score of 55% (B Grade)and above in the 12th Grade.

    · An aggregate score of 50%or above in Biology, Chemistry, Physics / Mathematics in the 12th Grade.

    UKIGCSE/GCEStudied in all 3 Science subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Physics in O Level, with a

    Minimum of:

    ·2 Cs in any of the two Science subjects in AS / A Level (e.g. Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics) as equivalent to UAE criteria



    Student should secure an overall minimum 25 points,

    ·Must have at least 2 Science subject (e.g. Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics)

    USAAmerican DiplomaStudent should secure an overall minimum score of 70% (C Grade)and above.

    ·Minimum of SAT II score of at least 550 in Molecular Biology

    Applicants from any other non-UAE educational systems not listed above must have secured a minimum aggregate score equivalent to UAE 70% or above as per International Grade Conversion Table published by WES.

  •  All applicants shall be evaluated for cognitive and non-cognitive traits demonstrating their aptitude for the chosen area of study by the Admissions Committee which include personal interview. Admission is finalized on competitive basis.

The program will provide the students with knowledge, skills and competencies for career in Biomedical Sciences and for further studies like Masters in Clinical Chemistry, Toxicology, Molecular Biology, Immunology, Genetics and Public Health etc.

Two main fields that have opportunities for employment to the graduate of the BBMS program are industries, and the promotion and sale of pharmaceuticals and healthcare equipment. In industries, he/she will be able to serve as an effective link between manufacturers of pharmaceutical or diagnostic (laboratory and imaging) equipment and the relevant consumers in the healthcare setting such as hospital, clinics and healthcare training institutions. The graduate will also have opportunities of employment as a Medical Representative promoting pharmaceutical products or as liaison between the biotechnology industry and medical technologies on the one hand and the appropriate consumer in the healthcare services setting on the other.

Career prospects for Biomedical Science graduate:

  • Medical Technologist* in
    • Clinical Laboratories in Hospitals and Medical Centers
    • Toxicology Laboratories
    • IVF Labs
    • Forensic Labs
  • Technologist in Research Laboratories
  • Biomedical Specialist in companies manufacturing / marketing Biomedical supplies
  • Research Assistants in R&D in Biomedical / Pharmaceutical industries
  • Journalists / Science writers in medical / health related publications

* After fulfilling requirements of respective licensing authorities.

English Language & CompositionGE – ENG 1013
Mathematics for Biological SciencesGE1123
Computer Concepts and ApplicationGE – CCA 1013
Islamic CultureGE-ICU 1012
General PhysicsGE – GPH 1013
Introduction to Communication SkillsAH – CSK 2011
First Aid and Life SupportAH-FLS 2011
Introduction to Biomedical Sciences-IIBS 1011
Total Credits17
SEMESTER 2General ChemistryGE-1143
Social Issues in HealthcareGE-SHC 1011
Medical TerminologyMET 1012
UAE SocietyGE – USO 1011
Cultural DiversityGE-CDI 1012
Human BiologyHUB 1012
Introduction to Behavioral SciencesBSC 1022
Law and Ethics for Health ProfessionalsAH-LET 2011
Introduction to Biomedical Sciences-IIIBS 1021
Total Credits15
YEAR 1 (17+15=32 Credits)
Human Anatomy& Physiology 1HAP 2014(3-1)HUB 101
Cell Biology & HistologyCBH 2012(1-1)HUB 101
Human Developmental BiologyHDB 2012(2-0)HUB 101
Human GeneticsHGE 2012 (1-1)HUB 101
Biochemistry I (Biomolecules)BCH 2013(2-1)GE 114

HUB 101

Principles of Analytical Techniques and instrumentationPAT 2011 (0-1)GE-114

GE – GPH 101

Skills (Scientific literature search, Writing and Presentation) for biomedical science studentsSKI 2011 (1-0)GE – ENG 101

GE – CCA 101

Total Credits15
SEMESTER 4Human Anatomy& Physiology2HAP 2023(2-1)HAP 201
Biochemistry II (Bioenergetics and Metabolism)BCH 2023(2-1)BCH 201
Fundamentals of MicrobiologyFMI 2023(2-1)
Fundamentals of Molecular BiologyFMB 2022(1-1)HGE 201

BCH 201

Promotion of Safety and Infection ControlAH-SIC 2011(1-0)
Introduction to NutritionINU 2022(2-0)BCH 201
NeurosciencesNSC 2022 (1-1)HUB 101
Total Credits16
YEAR 2 (15+16) = 31 Credits
General PathologyGPA 3014 (3-1)HAP 202

CBH 201

Principles of PharmacologyPPH 3013 (2-1)HAP 202
Introduction to ImmunologyIIM 3012 (2-0)FMI 202
Introduction to BioinformaticsIBI 3012 (1-1)GE-CCA 101
Medical Microbiology I (Bacteriology and Mycology)MMI 3013 (2-1)FMI 202
BiostatisticsBIS 2013 (2-1)GE112
Total Credits17
SEMESTER 6Research MethodsGE-RME 1012 (2-0)
Medical Microbiology II

(Virology and Parasitology)

MMI 3023 (3-0)MMI 301
Organ-system PathophysiologyOSP 3023 (2-1)GPA 301

BCH 202

Foundations in EpidemiologyFEP 3021 (1-0)
Principles of Forensic MedicinePFM 3021(1-0)GPA 301
Environmental and Occupational HealthENO 3022 (1-1)
PharmacologyPHR 3023 (2-1)PPH 301
Research Project (Project proposal)PRO 4011
Total Credits16
YEAR 3 (17+16) = 33 Credits
Medical Molecular biologyMMB 4013 (2-1)FMB 202
Journal Review in Biomedical SciencesJBS 4011 (1-0)SKI 202
Clinical Biochemistry and ToxicologyCBT 4014(2-2)OSP302

PHR 302

Biochemical EndocrinologyBEN 4012 (1-1)OSP 302
Clinical ImmunologyCIM 4012 (1-1)IIM 301
Principles of Hematology and Transfusion SciencePHT 4013 (2-1)OSP302

IIM 301

Research Project workPRO 4022PRO 401
Inter-semester break
SEMESTER 8Internship in LaboratoriesINT 51012All courses till Semester 7
Basic Principles of Laboratory ManagementBLM 4011
Research Project workPRO 4032PRO 402
YEAR 4 (17+15) = 32 Credits
GRAND TOTAL (32+31+33+32)128