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Care & Share - Sponsor A Medical Professional Program

The 'Care & Share', Sponsor A Medical Professional Program, provides a global platform for corporates, philanthropists, service organizations, non-governmental organizations and agencies of the State to contribute their mite in resolving the dearth of medical professionals all over the world. It is an opportunity to develop a global partnership for health development. By helping emergence of a medical professional, you are in turn saving thousands of lives in the decades to come. The idea is to promote universal health care through intervention into the education system by sponsoring a student, and having studies, sponsored by various corporates and others, into different aspects of health care across geographies and sectors, through the beneficiary students. The main objective of the model is to identify the health workforce bottlenecks and resolve them to deliver essential and quality health services. This model will ensure that there is a continuous supply of experienced and quality medical professionals across societies.

'Care & Share' Program is a small contribution by Gulf Medical University at setting the existing imbalance in health care workforce right and increasing the number of medical professionals. The program provides an opportunity to sponsor a student for international medical education program of the GMU, in return to necessary visibility in the annals of GMU and the associated goodwill for this yeomen service, with GMU as an active partner in the endeavour.

The act of sponsoring a medical professional is a contribution in scope and dimension beyond an act of charity or an act of kindness in form of a monetary donation or contribution to a needy cause. By participating in 'Care & Share' and sponsoring a student for medical education, as Corporate Entity/Agencies of the State/NGO/Service Organization/ Philanthropist, you are enabling the world strengthen the very root, the weakness of which manifests in the form of various human crises that demand charity/act of kindness in today's world. This apart, education a medical professional helps lay the foundation stone for establishment of more and more centres of medical education in different geographies.

A Win-Win situation for everyone...